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New Ethical Earring Goodness has Arrived!

Ashleigh Timchenko

Yesterday, we celebrated Summer Solstice, so it's official - warm weather and sunshine are the menu du jour and we've got the perfect earrings for cool looks on hot days!

From a backyard barbecue to a fancy beach-side fete, our newest selection of earrings will be your most versatile accessory of summer. Nine new colors have just hit the mix. Check them all out here

I chose colors and styles that I thought would be the most wearable and useful during the summer season. As usual, our artisans did an absolutely stunning job handcrafting each and every one just for you! 

Whether you're into bright and bold, or subtle yet striking, you're sure to find a pair (or two!) that'll do the trick! But hurry! They just had a soft launch earlier this week and are already moving faster than I could email you! Grab some before they go... the next restock won't be until late July, don't miss out!

z- lavender.jpg

Apuni Mochila Bags

Ashleigh Timchenko

Hello Friends! 

Meet our newest bags, the Apuni Mochila

Apuni means "three" in the Wayuu language, chosen to represent the three colors in each bag. Though many are of the tan, black, and pop color variety (hellooo hot pink!) others versions range from tonals to brights - but always a trio and always striking. 

Just like the rest of our Mochilas, the Apuni's are one-of-a-kind, handwoven by women of the Wayuu tribe. It takes our artisan partner, Griselda, and her sister 15-20 days to finish one bag. Talk about special order! 

These beauties just launched last night! And I can just image all the ways you'll work one into your summer wardrobe. The punchy colors are perfect for poolside, roomy enough for a beach tote, a festival fashionista favorite and a solid vacay companion because of it's lightweight, easy to travel size and shape. (Fold or slightly squish one up in your suitcase and it comes right back to life on arrival!)

These bags are currently listed as pre-orders because they'll be in route from Colombia to the USA later next week. I'm personally hand carrying them back (along with a few other new goodies) especially for you! ;)

Scroll on down for a preview!

apuni mochila.jpg
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"Gilt" free, for good!

Ashleigh Timchenko

Hi, Gilt Member! 

I'm Ashleigh, the founder of Fosterie, and I'm so happy you're here!

Whether you're brand new to our brand or have been with us since the beginning, your presence and purchases here have to power to change lives and that's no small thing! The products you'll find at Fosterie are truly goods for good, utilizing artisan partnerships to creat our line, and we're so excited to partner with Gilt City Chicago in order to offer you some amazing prices on some amazing handmade work! 

So have a look around. Make yourself at home! You can learn more about our process and artisans here, get caught up on our blog, or peruse our lookbooks for a visual feel of what we're all about. 

We're constantly adding new products and artisans to our collection. In fact, new tassel earrings and colorful new clutches are in the works as I type! As many of our items are one-of-a-kind, they sell out quickly... the early bird gets the worm! Be sure to subscribe to our email list and follow our social channels so you don't miss a thing. 

And now, with introductions out of the way, a few housekeeping details for you...

We've manually entered 300 unique Gilt City voucher codes to match exactly yours. While we worked diligently and reviewed them with a fine tooth comb, there's bound to be a snafu or skipped number somewhere. (Hey, we're only human!) If you experience any problems at checkout, just hit me up via email and I'll get back to you immediately with a quick fix. In the words of the legend Bob, "Baby don't worry, 'bout a thing. 'Cause every little things' gonna be alright." :)

And finally... Welcome to the Fosterie fam! 

If you have any questions, we're here to help! Hit us up in via our contact form or social media any time! We love hearing from you, learning what you love, and how we can better serve you! 



Mom's the Word.

Ashleigh Timchenko


What we do without them? 

This Mother's Day (and always!) I'm grateful for my own precious mom. Whose lifetime of love and support has inspired me to follow my dreams, believe in myself, and be a better mom to own daughter. 

She's helped me navigate life in a way that no one else has. And knowing she's there (even if it's a thousand miles away) gives comfort and peace to my soul. It is an honor and a privilege to "belong" to her. 

Mom's have a special place here at Fosterie. From my own Mom, Lesa, helping behind the scenes, to the women within the causes we support, it's woven into what we do. Proceeds of jewelry purchases often benefit women's and maternal health and our Mochila bags are handmade by the women of the Wayuu Tribe, whose traditions have been passed from mothers to daughters for generations. 

If you're a mother, mother-to-be, step-mom, godmother, furbaby mama, etc., etc., etc.,  I'm wishing you the most wonderful Mother's Day!  Thank you for all you do and for loving your babies, big and small. ;) 


Spring 2017 Trend Report

Ashleigh Timchenko

Every season, the fashion powers that be tell us what's hot, what's stylish, and what we *need* as our new staples. And while I like to think most of the items at Fosterie are more timeless than trendy, there's no denying some things just work well with fashionable friends. 

Pantone is the authority in all things color... Keep scrolling to check out what's hot and happening now in Fosterie and in fashion!

Niagara Blue