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Fosterie Fun




Ashleigh Timchenko

When Jen of GivBox reached out to me via Instagram a few months ago I fell in love with her business model and mission right away!

And what’s not to love? GivBox curates unique artisan product in it’s subscription box each month, offering a glimpse of talent and tales worldwide.

Jen had a vibe in mind for her June collection so in partnership with our Embera artisans we went to work creating a colorful and amazing custom bracelet for her boxes!

Peep these pics of the process and production:

And the finished product? We’re swooning.


Each GivBox subscriber will receive one of these beautiful babies in their box during the month of June!

Ready for some fun facts?

  • One bracelet can take up to half a day to a full day to produce, depending on the skill level of the weaver.

  • The bracelet is made of 525 tiny seed beads, each strung by hand.

  • Adjustable to fit a variety of wrist sizes from 6.5 - 10.5 inches!

  • It’s waterproof!! Rock it on your wrist in the pool, lake, or ocean. It’s durable and fade resistant, too!

  • Each bracelet was handmade with love by members of the Embera indigenous tribe in Colombia.

Wowza, right??

I’m seriously in loooove. The color combo is surprisingly versatile - wear it with black, white, pink, red, turquoise... it’s sure to be a summer staple. Statement enough on it’s own but pairs well with a stack, too!

Aannnnd there are coordinating earrings and a necklace to match available for purchase separately at GivBox!

This is a limited run collab and we're just one of a few amazing products you'll find inside the June curation so head over to GivBox to subscribe and shop before they’re gone!

Can’t get enough of this beautiful, boho beaded jewelry? We just posted a few new styles this week with more on the way! Check out our latest earrings and bracelets!

We're on TV!

Ashleigh Timchenko

Last summer, HGTV came out to help our founder, Ashleigh, and her family find a home in Medellin, Colombia.

Our story, process, and a few of our products were featured on the show, check out the episode and shop the styles below!


Ashleigh and her daughter chat during an on camera interview.


Talking with the realtor.

Post filming with the local leather shop we use for our mochila bags.


Preparing to film around town in Medellin.


Having zero amounts of fun… ;)

Luna Tassel Earring - Rose
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Luna Tassel Earring - Cream
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An Exstrawdinary Summer

Ashleigh Timchenko

It's been ages since we've added something new to the shop, and even longer since our last post but we're baaaaack! 

In the spirit of simplicity and sustainability, I never want to force anything in terms of the products we offer. It's my goal to bring you beautiful, unique items with heart and soul, each and every time. However, finding the right items isn't always the easiest thing to do. Through a few challenges and speed bumps this spring personally and professionally, combined with the pressure of 'needing' something new, I was left feeling a bit uninspired. Eventually, I accepted it hoping / knowing that the wave would pass, as it finally did. And luckily, the small pause allowed me to refresh, rejuve, and to seek out things in new, exciting ways. The result...something super 'strawsome' that I think you'll love. 

Straw bags are having a *moment* and we are here. for. it. in our own ethical way. 

But first, allow me to introduce you to the three newest girls in the crew!

Redondo Pom
A palm leaf and sisal woven bag, with pop of color poms perfect for summer.


Redondo Tassel
Woven with natural tones and beautifully accented by
two freshly made leather tassels.


Luna Pom Clutch
A 'handy' partner for your daily essentials.


These handwoven bags were created from 100% natural fibers, giving them a unique, stunning look. We've added our signature poms and tassels making every bag a one-of-a-kind.

Each bag represents 1 to 2 days of weaving by artisans in the Caldas region of Colombia, a sector rich in coffee and artistic talent, and unites traditional craft with modern living. 

They're a fresh, fun take on a classic trend and I just can't get enough. (Speaking of fresh, you can even *smell* the naturalness and it's totally divine.)

And they're ready and waiting for you on the site now!

New Ethical Earring Goodness has Arrived!

Ashleigh Timchenko

Yesterday, we celebrated Summer Solstice, so it's official - warm weather and sunshine are the menu du jour and we've got the perfect earrings for cool looks on hot days!

From a backyard barbecue to a fancy beach-side fete, our newest selection of earrings will be your most versatile accessory of summer. Nine new colors have just hit the mix. Check them all out here

I chose colors and styles that I thought would be the most wearable and useful during the summer season. As usual, our artisans did an absolutely stunning job handcrafting each and every one just for you! 

Whether you're into bright and bold, or subtle yet striking, you're sure to find a pair (or two!) that'll do the trick! But hurry! They just had a soft launch earlier this week and are already moving faster than I could email you! Grab some before they go... the next restock won't be until late July, don't miss out!

z- lavender.jpg

Apuni Mochila Bags

Ashleigh Timchenko

Hello Friends! 

Meet our newest bags, the Apuni Mochila

Apuni means "three" in the Wayuu language, chosen to represent the three colors in each bag. Though many are of the tan, black, and pop color variety (hellooo hot pink!) others versions range from tonals to brights - but always a trio and always striking. 

Just like the rest of our Mochilas, the Apuni's are one-of-a-kind, handwoven by women of the Wayuu tribe. It takes our artisan partner, Griselda, and her sister 15-20 days to finish one bag. Talk about special order! 

These beauties just launched last night! And I can just image all the ways you'll work one into your summer wardrobe. The punchy colors are perfect for poolside, roomy enough for a beach tote, a festival fashionista favorite and a solid vacay companion because of it's lightweight, easy to travel size and shape. (Fold or slightly squish one up in your suitcase and it comes right back to life on arrival!)

These bags are currently listed as pre-orders because they'll be in route from Colombia to the USA later next week. I'm personally hand carrying them back (along with a few other new goodies) especially for you! ;)

Scroll on down for a preview!

apuni mochila.jpg
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"Gilt" free, for good!

Ashleigh Timchenko

Hi, Gilt Member! 

I'm Ashleigh, the founder of Fosterie, and I'm so happy you're here!

Whether you're brand new to our brand or have been with us since the beginning, your presence and purchases here have to power to change lives and that's no small thing! The products you'll find at Fosterie are truly goods for good, utilizing artisan partnerships to creat our line, and we're so excited to partner with Gilt City Chicago in order to offer you some amazing prices on some amazing handmade work! 

So have a look around. Make yourself at home! You can learn more about our process and artisans here, get caught up on our blog, or peruse our lookbooks for a visual feel of what we're all about. 

We're constantly adding new products and artisans to our collection. In fact, new tassel earrings and colorful new clutches are in the works as I type! As many of our items are one-of-a-kind, they sell out quickly... the early bird gets the worm! Be sure to subscribe to our email list and follow our social channels so you don't miss a thing. 

And now, with introductions out of the way, a few housekeeping details for you...

We've manually entered 300 unique Gilt City voucher codes to match exactly yours. While we worked diligently and reviewed them with a fine tooth comb, there's bound to be a snafu or skipped number somewhere. (Hey, we're only human!) If you experience any problems at checkout, just hit me up via email and I'll get back to you immediately with a quick fix. In the words of the legend Bob, "Baby don't worry, 'bout a thing. 'Cause every little things' gonna be alright." :)

And finally... Welcome to the Fosterie fam! 

If you have any questions, we're here to help! Hit us up in via our contact form or social media any time! We love hearing from you, learning what you love, and how we can better serve you!