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Fosterie Fun



Head Poncho

Ashleigh Timchenko

I'm so excited to introduce the newest collection in the Fosterie family of products.

Though the silhouettes have been around for ages, poncho's (also referred to as cape coats) have quickly become one of the hottest looks for Fall/Winter 2016, with styles ranging from structured to swingy, short and cropped to over-sized, and striking solids to colorful, fringe filled versions. 
Each Fosterie Ruana scarf and poncho is one-of-a-kind and made in Colombia of a wool blend (for softness without the itch). They're an open front style with lots of drape and feature rich, vibrant colors that will add an element of amazing to fall sweaters and dark colored coats. 

There are endless ways to wear them, from belted to open, to swung over the shoulder. But the best advice, don't overthink it. Stick with solids as the bottom layers and let your wrap do the trend work. (Speaking of work, if you're always freezing at the office, this is the next best thing to keeping a blanket at your desk!)

With love and warmth, 


P.S. I'd love to get your thoughts on the new poncho's and scarves. Are you ready to rock a ruana? A little intimidated or no way, Jose? Comment questions or feedback, I adore hearing from you!