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An Exstrawdinary Summer

Ashleigh Timchenko

It's been ages since we've added something new to the shop, and even longer since our last post but we're baaaaack! 

In the spirit of simplicity and sustainability, I never want to force anything in terms of the products we offer. It's my goal to bring you beautiful, unique items with heart and soul, each and every time. However, finding the right items isn't always the easiest thing to do. Through a few challenges and speed bumps this spring personally and professionally, combined with the pressure of 'needing' something new, I was left feeling a bit uninspired. Eventually, I accepted it hoping / knowing that the wave would pass, as it finally did. And luckily, the small pause allowed me to refresh, rejuve, and to seek out things in new, exciting ways. The result...something super 'strawsome' that I think you'll love. 

Straw bags are having a *moment* and we are here. for. it. in our own ethical way. 

But first, allow me to introduce you to the three newest girls in the crew!

Redondo Pom
A palm leaf and sisal woven bag, with pop of color poms perfect for summer.


Redondo Tassel
Woven with natural tones and beautifully accented by
two freshly made leather tassels.


Luna Pom Clutch
A 'handy' partner for your daily essentials.


These handwoven bags were created from 100% natural fibers, giving them a unique, stunning look. We've added our signature poms and tassels making every bag a one-of-a-kind.

Each bag represents 1 to 2 days of weaving by artisans in the Caldas region of Colombia, a sector rich in coffee and artistic talent, and unites traditional craft with modern living. 

They're a fresh, fun take on a classic trend and I just can't get enough. (Speaking of fresh, you can even *smell* the naturalness and it's totally divine.)

And they're ready and waiting for you on the site now!

Apuni Mochila Bags

Ashleigh Timchenko

Hello Friends! 

Meet our newest bags, the Apuni Mochila

Apuni means "three" in the Wayuu language, chosen to represent the three colors in each bag. Though many are of the tan, black, and pop color variety (hellooo hot pink!) others versions range from tonals to brights - but always a trio and always striking. 

Just like the rest of our Mochilas, the Apuni's are one-of-a-kind, handwoven by women of the Wayuu tribe. It takes our artisan partner, Griselda, and her sister 15-20 days to finish one bag. Talk about special order! 

These beauties just launched last night! And I can just image all the ways you'll work one into your summer wardrobe. The punchy colors are perfect for poolside, roomy enough for a beach tote, a festival fashionista favorite and a solid vacay companion because of it's lightweight, easy to travel size and shape. (Fold or slightly squish one up in your suitcase and it comes right back to life on arrival!)

These bags are currently listed as pre-orders because they'll be in route from Colombia to the USA later next week. I'm personally hand carrying them back (along with a few other new goodies) especially for you! ;)

Scroll on down for a preview!

apuni mochila.jpg
531 green 2.jpg

Swinging Sensations! Introducing our *NEW* Tassel Earrings!

Ashleigh Timchenko

Happy St. Patrick's Day! 

It's definitely feeling like a lucky day around here!

We're so excited to share with you the newest member of the Fosterie family... larger than life, beautiful and bright, luxury for your 'lobes....*drum-roll please*... TASSEL EARRINGS!

I won't keep you here long so you can jump to the site and snatch a pair for yourself (also because that cool GIF will make you dizzy if you watch for too long ;) but before we go a few good things to note:

  • These pretties are a Fosterie exclusive, co-designed with and hand-crafted by two sweet sisters, Laura and Ana, in Medellin, Colombia. I shared inspiration, trend information, and chose color stories, while the girls went to work on the final designs.
  • The sisters specialize in graphic and intricate metal work and together, we combined styles to create a totally unique look that represents Fosterie perfectly - a fusion of traditional methods and modern designs that's bold, contemporary, and always chic. 
  • They're produced in small batches. Every silk thread tassel is cut and sewn by a real human. Each metal element is dipped by hand. 
  • They're fresh and fun! Guaranteed to make a BIG statement and add a punch of pizzazz.
  • Best of all, they're ethically elegant, supporting a sustainable mission and helping small makers thrive. 

Keep scrollin' for a quick preview!

While these aren't one-of-a-kind like many of our items, they are in small supply. Don't miss out!



P.S. I would loooove to hear your thoughts on our new earrings. These are truly one of my favorite items to date. I know... I say that about all of them. But I really mean it, always. We're striving to keep growing and getting better, for our artisans, charities, and YOU. So lay it on me! Love the colors? Wish you saw a certain shade? Yay or Nay?? Hit me up below and let me know!

Oh, snap - new camera straps!

Ashleigh Timchenko

I'm so thrilled to share the newest item in the Fosterie fam with you today...
one-of-a-kind camera straps! These babies are simply BEAUTIFUL and are sure to be a conversation starter whether you're a full time professional photog or never graduated from Photography for Dummies. (Hand up! = me.)

Even though there were some production delays that had me about to snap, I couldn't lose focus of the picture perfect product.. Things finally just clicked, and the image in mind came to life, better than expected. (And now I'm finished with the terrible puns, but that was a 100% true story.)

Inspired by the woven straps on our handbags, we made it camera friendly by removing the fringe (because as cool as it is, no one needs a fringey photo bomb) and adding leather details giving it a clean, sleek appearance. But aside from looks, here are a few of the details that really make these amazing: 

  • Each strap is one-of-a-kind, woven by the Wayuu tribe in Colombia. The weaving technique has been passed from mothers to daughters for generations. Though you may see similar colors and patterns, no two are ever exactly alike. 

  • Even though these straps are handwoven, they're no wimps! They're built to provide a steady hold without stretching.

  • The larger than average width makes them comfy for carrying, even a heavy camera.

  • The cotton woven material is breathable and soft so it won't itch your neck or shoulder. 

  • The fasteners mimic those of trusted photography brand straps so you can feel confident that your precious cargo is safely attached and secure. The black attachment straps and glued and sewn inside the leather piecing, for extra hold.

  • Three ways to wear it! Each strap adjusts up to 53 inches long, so you can comfortably use it as around the neck, on the shoulder, or cross-body style. 

  • The leather is locally sourced in Colombia. Each strap is completed by hand by a small batch leather smith in Medellin. 

  • For each bag sold, $1 is donated to help aid in providing food, water, and basic needs to the community and children of Colombia.

On a personal note, these were an absolute blast to make. Unlike the leather handbags, the consideration of the overall aesthetic and how it will work into someone's wardrobe or lifestyle was less of a factor, and the ability to use loads of color and try new things really got to shine. (Hello, there's a snake skin in the collection!) I'm a huge fan of photography and it was so fun to put together an accessory that pro's and hobbyists alike could appreciate. Whether you love neonsneutrals, or need solids for your job, I tried to include a little something for everyone. 

With love and good lighting ;)


Head Poncho

Ashleigh Timchenko

I'm so excited to introduce the newest collection in the Fosterie family of products.

Though the silhouettes have been around for ages, poncho's (also referred to as cape coats) have quickly become one of the hottest looks for Fall/Winter 2016, with styles ranging from structured to swingy, short and cropped to over-sized, and striking solids to colorful, fringe filled versions. 
Each Fosterie Ruana scarf and poncho is one-of-a-kind and made in Colombia of a wool blend (for softness without the itch). They're an open front style with lots of drape and feature rich, vibrant colors that will add an element of amazing to fall sweaters and dark colored coats. 

There are endless ways to wear them, from belted to open, to swung over the shoulder. But the best advice, don't overthink it. Stick with solids as the bottom layers and let your wrap do the trend work. (Speaking of work, if you're always freezing at the office, this is the next best thing to keeping a blanket at your desk!)

With love and warmth, 


P.S. I'd love to get your thoughts on the new poncho's and scarves. Are you ready to rock a ruana? A little intimidated or no way, Jose? Comment questions or feedback, I adore hearing from you!