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Gift Cards


e-Gift Card Policies, Procedures, and Frequently Asked Questions


What is an e-Gift card?

e-Gift cards (or digital gift cards) are similar to regular gift cards but in 100% digital form.  


How is it delivered?

Upon checkout, the sender supplies recipient name, email address, and a personalized message. Once a delivery date is scheduled, recipients receive their e-gift via the email provided. Senders will receive delivery confirmation via email. 


What does the recipient receive?

An e-gift card is delivered to the recipient instantly (or on the delivery date selected) via email as a PDF file which containing a unique code so there is no shipping cost and it can never be lost or stolen.

Want something to wrap? No problem!

If you'd like to give an e-gift card as a gift for an upcoming holiday or occasion and prefer to keep it a surprise please follow these instructions:  

At checkout, enter the recipients name but enter YOUR own email address. This way, the PDF voucher will be sent directly to you.

Once you receive, print the PDF and package to your hearts content! 


Can I set my own dollar amount? 

Yes. The minimum amount is $5 and you can choose from pre-loaded values or enter your own for a personal touch. 

Quirky ideas for personalizing the value:

A birthday: January 30th = $130

A secret message: The phrase "I love you" contains 1 letter, 4 letters, and 3 letters, so $143 is a romantic choice! <3

A favorite number: If I were gifted anything including the number 13 I'd be over the moon...

A special date: Anniversaries, due dates, and engagement days are super thoughtful options! 

Have fun getting creative!

Want to get even crazier? Create your own custom card design for a small fee! Contact prior to purchase for details. 


How do I redeem an e-Gift card?

After adding your items to the cart, at checkout, enter the unique code in the "enter promo code" box to apply the gift card amount to your purchase. The gift card amount also applies to tax and shipping.


Does and e-gift card expire? 

Nope. Never!


Are there any fee's to purchase an e-gift card?

No, there are no shipping or taxes charged for the purchase of an e-gift card. 

Additionally, no fee's are transferred to the customer either and the full value purchased is the full value available for redemption.


Why am I being redirected to a new page to purchase? Can I purchase on

At this time, the most efficient and safest method to manage and maintain an e-gift card program is through a third party application. It's secure and allows for some cool customization options, too, like a variety of e-card themes, personalized greeting, and scheduled delivery. Though e-gift card purchased are finalized via a third party, recipients always redeem here at 


Are e-gift cards available to customers/recipients to International customers outside of the United States? 

Though the e-gift cards via the third party application are not available for purchase outside of the United States we've still got you covered! If you'd like to purchase a gift card from outside the US or for an international recipient, please contact us for special instructions.  


How can I check my balance? 

Instructions for balance inquires are provided within the original email but if you have any questions we're here to help! Hit us up via the contact form and include your unique code for assistance.


Additional Info:

E-gift cards can be redeemed for any merchandise available at

E-gift cards are non-refundable.

E-gift cards cannot be redeemed for cash. 

Remaining balances cannot be redeemed for cash. The unique code with reflect the remaining balance until purchased equal the entire value, either at once or through separate transactions.