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Our Causes - OLD

Our shop was build with a cause concious consumer in mind. View are charity partners here. 



To "foster" means to encourage or promote development and by purchasing from Fosterie, you're supporting causes doing just that. 

The items designed and curated here aren't just by accident. Along the way, they've been placed in this path with purpose. 

Which is why in addition to paying our artisans, small batch makers, and suppliers a living wage, for every purchase, we donate a portion of our proceeds to organizations known for strengthening communities through improving health access, providing humanitarian development and crisis relief worldwide, and empowering young women across the globe. Within each product listing, you'll see exactly which charity is on the receiving end and how much your purchase helps. 

Can an accessory change the world? We're not sure but we're going to try.


Click on a cause below to learn more about the amazing organizations your purchase supports.